• Alice R Owens

It Was Never About John

The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” John 1:29

It was never about John and he knew that.

John knew and understood him role. His main role was to announce Jesus Christ. He was God’s appointed messenger. Prophet, sent from God, John was to testify about the true light that was coming into the world – Jesus Christ.

John displayed the character traits of a true prophet. Character traits we as Disciples of Christ must display.

Obedience – Humility – Truth – Faith – Love – Respect

He was OBEDIENT in following God’s command. He was HUMBLE, not seeking attention for attention’s sake but casting attention upon the coming of Jesus Christ. He spoke with AUTHORITY and HONESTY. His FAITH and LOVE shining bright for one he had not met. His words leading the people to repent their sins and be baptized.

His influence with the people led religious leaders to seek him out and question his identity, his authority, his purpose. John responded to their questioning by PRAISING the coming of Jesus Christ. Declaring with RESPECT, he himself unworthy to untie His sandal.

It was never about John and it should never be about us. As Prophet, John’s main role was to announce the coming of Christ. As Disciples, our main role is to advance His Works. We have been given our instruction by Christ – the Great Commission.

In order for us to fulfill our commission we must :

  • Be OBEDIENT in following God’s commands.

  • HUMBLE ourselves and give God the glory and stop the self-promotion.

  • Be HONEST in our works, our speaking, our praise – stop the deception, the falseness.

  • Stand strong in our FAITH – never wavering. Never giving the enemy an opening to enter.

  • Be open with our LOVE and RESPECT for Christ. Stop trying to be what the world wants us to be and be as God created us to be.

We must be children of God, servants of Christ and not professional Christians. Our hearts, minds and souls must remain steadfast in Christ’s presence; growing stronger and nearer to Him through His Word. Our testimony should be shown in our works, our thanks and our PRAISE to Christ.

It was never about John. It’s not about me. It’s not about you. It was then, it is now and will always be about Jesus Christ.

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